Our exciting and interactive curriculum has been developed by Johanna Millward​ who holds a Bachelor of Education (Drama) from Melbourne University and has taught Drama professionally for the last 20 years 

 As the National Recruitment manager at Australia’s most successful children’s talent agency, Johanna also knows what it takes to succeed in the Entertainment industry





Acting and Drama classes provide the capability to support children’s               education and development in five key areas:





Our classes are engaging and fun empowering students to explore their creativity, hone their improvisation skills, increase confidence and understand the importance of character development. 

Encouraging students to make eye contact, to keep good posture whilst maintaining attention; and to speak clearly with confidence will ensure that they continue to be successful in their daily lives. 

We welcome the opportunity to speak with you in further detail about our classes, please feel free to contact us.

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We have the expertise to engage students and build skills that will last a life time
Participation in our classes will assist each child in reaching their true potential


Childrens Drama And Acting Classes on the Mornington peninsula